Sometimes, we don’t realize how we stick to our old-school ways, when there are better, more efficient ways to do them. Examples could range from scrolling through a document instead of simply using CTRL+F or using a simple WordPress plug-in to update your website's internal links to HTTPS.

Developing apps for your products, especially in the eCommerce industry, is becoming more and more of a necessity than an add-on. Besides phone apps, even desktop apps are becoming mandatory as well, and keeping up with all these trends doesn’t always mean we’re keeping up with how we can do so.

In the past, if you needed to develop apps, different codes would have to be written for Android and iOS. This meant longer development time and inconsistency in the apps, since often different teams would work on different apps. Even for updating, different teams would be needed for different platforms, or a single team might consume a lot of time. If you focused on consistency, resources would be needed for a proper QC process.

How Using React Native Can Change The Way Things Work

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Currently, things are different. What I explained above just now doesn’t have to be the case anymore. You could make Android and iOS apps using a simplified version of the same code. It saves up time, effort, and resources. This means that you can have one team for apps on multiple platforms.

Will Stepping Into Unchartered Territory Lead to Disaster?

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With ways and software that are new, there’s always a risk of ending up with a disaster. Some developers even stick to the old ways, as that’s their comfort zone, and sometimes, with new ways, you tend to wish you had just gone along with how things were working smoothly instead of ending up in a mess. You don’t necessarily have to:

  • It renders to native platform UI, so there’s no compromise on the user experience, either. Components like StyleSheet, View, and Button would all be available, which of course, route to the platform's basic UI components. The developers can very well stay in their comfort zone!
  • Using React’s UI paradigm and JavaScipt with JSX, existing native codes are wrapped by React components, and they interact with the native APIs. This means that new teams can easily work on it without doing a tonne-load of homework, and existing teams can perform tasks way more efficiently and faster.
  • Another great feature is fast refresh, which means you can see the edits you make to the components within a couple of seconds at most instead of waiting for a long time for native builds to finish.

If you already have an Android app,” said Sajeel Qureshi, VP of Operations at Computan, “Then 80-90% of your work is done. You can use React Native to use that same code to make an iOS app without having to work with new code from scratch. This can save you a hell lot of time as well!”

Who Else is Using This Technology?

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Discord, to name a few! These are companies that need to stay ahead of everyone, and honestly, everyone else should follow suit. This cross-platform native mobile app development framework was created by Facebook to begin with.

If you’re not taking advantage of React Native yet…

Then it’s time to get in touch with us and know how you can apply it to your own applications.


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