On this episode of Marketing Matters we talk with Matthew Books of American Car Craft.  American Car Craft makes high-end stainless steel car and truck accessories.  Some examples are car grilles that look like Jaws' teeth for your Corvette.  Matt is the marketing manager for the brand and oversees all web, digital and automotive content marketing strategies. 

Matt talked with us about how to use story-telling to drive leads, sales and engagement for automotive products. 

Another thing Matt mentioned was the need to be creative and non-corporate when telling stories.  Things like comedy and pop-culture can really make your content pop and he outlines how his Jaws inspired shark tooth grille video went viral and drove leads and sales to American Car Craft.

Key quotes/takeaways:

- ' You've got to fail a lot with content marketing before things are going to work'

- 'In the automotive digital marketing space it's ok to be controversial and ruffle some feathers. Engaging with content, even if negative, is good for search results and engagement.

- 'Video content resonates the best for me in the automotive marketing space, but it takes a lot of time.'

- 'Best way to get new leads is an annual (not monthly) contest.  Give away something meaningful, not just the usual 'swag bag.'  Things like product credits,significant coupons etc work much better.    

- 'The automotive market really likes forums and relies on forums for business information and parts information.'

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