On this episode of Marketing Matters with Sajeel Qureshi we spoke to Mitch Dowell the creative director of Branding Experiences.  Branding Experiences is a branding and design firm located in the DC/Metro area. Mitch works with former professional athletes, non-profits and everything in between. They can handle corporate identities, brochures, logo design and any creative task that you can think of.

During the show Mitch and Sajeel discussed the necessities of being Mad Men and Math Men in marketing.  Mad men, like the show and Don Draper, focus a lot of marketing questions on the creative aspect of things.  How do things look, how do they feel, what's the impression and what's the perception.  Math men focus more on the metrics, the results and the affect the campaigns have on a sales & marketing funnel.  

Mitch chimed in with some insight into what it's like running a boutique marketing agency.  He's said that it's far easier to get buy-in on marketing expenses nowadays than when he started Branding Experiences many years ago. This makes sense as we know that marketing costs are going through the roof.

Key Quotes/Takeaways:

  • First impressions count - don't be the company with a '1985 brand'
  • We can't help but judge brands and people based on how they are presented.  Rightfully or wrongfully.
  • Branding doesn't have to be a big budget endeavor.  It's cheaper than you think.
  • Grow your business by being the only design expert in a room full of non-experts.
  • Use surveys and other digital marketing initiatives if you're in a jam and need customers.
  • "Do the part-time thing at first.  (Starting a business) will be scary at first and others go in over-confident at first and the difficult moments come in a year or two."
  • "There is no silver-bullet" to marketing or entrepreneurship.  

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