What is Mindbody?

Mindbody is an appointment scheduling and business management solution for mid-sized businesses that operate in the niche of fitness, gyms, salons, spas, personal fitness centers, massage centers, dance schools, yoga studios, and wellness centers.

Catering to the needs of the specific business models, it has features such as email and text automation, online bookings through social media channels, bookings management, waiting list management, and much more.

Why Use Mindbody?

Even being HubSpot partners, we don’t push our clients to use HubSpot CRM. Every business model and business process is unique in its way, and there are CRMSs available to meet those business models. Mindbody was designed to keep health and fitness service providers in mind. It de-clutters the unimportant steps from the booking, scheduling, and tracking process and lets the users focus on the primary tasks.

Mindbody has made life easier for its users by allowing them to easily manage the bookings, scheduling, and every aspect of the business.

Project Summary

Our client used HubSpot as their frontline CRM for lead generation and lead capturing. They then wanted to connect Mindbody to HubSpot for further booking management as they found Mindbody solutions aligning better with their business processes.

Our client wanted specific data fields synced between the two solutions in one-way sync form automatically without the messy and time-consuming manual data entry task.


It was a one-way integration solution where Field Titles in HubSpot needed to match exactly with the Field Titles in Mindbody. Some of the mapping fields are set as defaults for easy integration.

Integration Mapping

  • Contacts: Name, Email, Phone Number, and other properties.
  • Appointments: Date of appointment, status, and other properties.
  • Transactions: Line items, contract name, and other properties.
  • Memberships: Contract Details
  • Class Bookings: Booking Details

Of course, there are other properties under each of the mapping fields for successful data integration between these two tools. We can’t share the complete field data for obvious reasons, but you do get the idea of what kind of data is shared.


Our client generated leads through their HubSpot portal because data capturing and lead generation through HubSpot is easy. The required data then gets transferred to Mindbody, where they would manage every aspect of their next business proceedings.