Software engineers and web developers around the world look for the best programming language to get the best position and salary. 

The demand for software engineers and web developers is as high as ever. There’s innovation in the field of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and what not. 

Companies want people with the best programming language skills and proficiency as oppose to the traditional educational qualification in the computer science field. 

The increased demand for web developers resulted in an increase in their salaries also and thus we can say 

“It’s the best time to be a developer” 

For those who look to break into this field, note down the most popular programming languages that rule the game of developing. The most popular ones in the last quarter of 2019 are here to stay for 2020.


Watch the video on the Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019 by Data is Beautiful. You can enjoy the full video or skip to 4:35 to see the 2019 Q3 stats. 


The List of the Best Programming Languages to Look for in 2020 and Why These Are Popular


1. Python - Even Marketers Love It!

Python programming language, Computan

In 2017, Python grabbed the number one spot in the IEEE Spectrum Number One Programming Language followed by C, Java, and C++. In 2019, Python maintained its top spot in IEEE Spectrum rankings. 


Python simplifies the complex task of writing programs. From the learning curve, it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. And from the usage curve, it is instrumental in IoT, Artificial Intelligence, data science, and machine learning, all of which are popular technologies. 

The versatility of Python extends to web development as it is easy to get something done in Python and be productive.


Marketers' love for Python is understandable because Python is used in building web-based marketing applications to generate insights from the data. 


Python is used to customize the data collected through all marketing mediums. Marketers require that data in an analytical form to find out the loopholes and work on the weak spots. Without a core Python developer, it is next to impossible for them to custom code that data as per their requirement. And, without the custom analytics, the marketers cannot have a deeper insight into their marketing strategy. 


Instagram, Google, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest are some of the big companies that use Python in their tech stack.


2. JavaScript

JavaScript programming language, Computan


JavaScript helps create complex applications at a low cost. It is used in the back-end and front-end of web development. Java’s wide range of libraries and frameworks augment an application’s functionality. 


JavaScript turned the web browsers into application platforms. Google and Facebook used JavaScript to program their respective back-ends. This gave a new buzzword ‘Server-side JavaScript’, which laid the foundation of what it is today. 


The most popular version of server-side JavaScript is Node or Node.JS. eBay, NASA among others use Node.JS to write large platforms. Multiplayer games, messaging platforms, and web applications you can see the influence of Node.JS everywhere.


3. Java

Java programming language, Computan

One programming language that won’t see any decline is Java. Its device compatibility through Java Runtime Environment (JRE) makes it not just relevant but also one of the leading programming languages. 


Java’s platform independence feature combines innovation with stability. Insurance companies, banks, utilities, retailers, and manufacturers all use Java. It’s 24-years old now, but still gives some of the new programming languages a run for their money. 


The challenge isn’t in learning the language but learning the APIs as APIs are an integral part of Java language itself. Fundamentally Java is object-oriented. It contains 50 keywords, but when you count APIs in, it has thousands of classes that have tens of thousands of techniques to implement in a program. 


Java also reads and works like Plain English, just as Python does.


4. C#

C hash programming language, Computan

On number four this year, but in 2012, C# was number one on the PopularitY of Programming Language (PYPL) index. And, today, it is still relevant as it is a general-purpose language for building apps on the .NET platform. 


C# is known for its versatility. Its use cases include cloud-based services, mobile applications, games, enterprise software. Games take the biggest chunk of C#. 


It is quite like the others in the same family such as C, C++, and Java as well. So, if you find Java an easy-to-learn language, you will find C# easy also. 


5. PHP

php programming language, Computan

PHP is your go-to language if you love simplicity, affordability, security and quick turn-around. No wonder why it is popular among website developers for its abundant benefits. 


CMS customization is a piece of cake with PHP. Whether it is Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, the website developers can make their way around any Content Management System using PHP. 


PHP is diverse, scalable, easy to learn, flexible and you can update your website’s code without rebooting the server. It has, by far, the largest community because it is an open-source language. The PHP developers continuously develop the add-ons and extensions that help other developers meet the unique requirements of clients. 


Closing in… 


You might have noticed that I have written ‘easy to learn’ in every language’s detail. So, if all of these are easy to learn and companies also demand developers who know these programming languages, why there’s still scarcity of talent? Why people don’t learn these languages? 

Well, these languages are easy to learn, but difficult to master. 


You need to dive into a learner’s shoes, devote yourself to be proficient in your choice of programming language, which is time consuming. It’s not an overnight’s game. You must be in love with coding and development to learn it by heart; else you will leave in between like many others. 


Why learn to code when we have tools that ease the job? 


Tools like Wix, HubSpot among others help non-developers let’s say marketers, and administrators build a website to some extent without the use of hardcore coding. However, to enhance a website’s functionality and add new features one always needs an expert web developer who has the core knowledge of the required language.


Without the proficient web developers, the world would have plain vanilla websites. Marketers that do realize this, hire the expert web developers on time. Having expert web developers by their side, marketers can have a brilliant marketing asset that generates leads for them and stands out. 


Marketers want proficient web developers who are well versed in the respective programming languages. It takes years of practice and experience to be able to crack an MNC’s interview for the web developer’s position and get the desired salary. 


Computan developers are clients’ favorites because they are proficient in what they do. Hire one to experience it yourself. They love what they do, and they keep on learning and keep on growing.

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