In order to have an effective and accomplished marketing department, the members have to be equipped in the best possible way to capture the attention of your audience. To help you achieve this, he following 7 skills must be present in your digital marketing agency in order for them to succeed.

The world of digital marketing is one that’s characterized by its constant evolution and rapid pace. In comparison to the “traditional” marketing, the digital environment needs professionals with a skill set that can handle the occasionally unpredictable nature, while being capable of adapting to it and continue to be in a position to create effective campaigns and strategies.  


Seven skills needed for a successful marketing team

  1. Analytics.

The capacity of interpreting the data of your digital marketing efforts is fundamental. This tool is very important when measuring the success of the implemented work. From reading the efficacy of the strategies, detecting where it’s performing strong and where it needs to be improved, to where the market may be heading; almost every aspect of business can be measured with analytical tools when trying to obtain the best possible results.

Although this is such a useful skill, the percentage of companies that include it in the profile of their future employees is still low. With this in mind, if you want to get ahead and have the ability of reading the market with solid data, make sure that your company counts with some analytics experts.


  1. Social Media.

In the last five years, the most popular activity on the internet is social media. These platforms have captured the attention of the world and they have become the nest for many digital companies and business. This nest, which many digital companies have fallen into, not only allows them to connect with their customers, but also creates new ways of selling their products or services. Having people in your team that know how to make the most out of it is an invaluable asset for the present and the future.

 If you put the staff, the know how, and the focus into creating effective marketing campaigns for the social media platforms, you’ll be on your way to not just following the trend but also taking part in creating it.


  1. Data Visualization.


The times in which we live are fundamentally visual. Whether it’s a picture, a video, an illustration, or a drawing, people seem to process information more eagerly and easily when they are accompanied by an image. One specific type of image that seems to capture the attention of the public is infographics. These little bite sized visual medias have an increasing presence on the web and the best digital marketers use them frequently for backing up reports or illustrating a statistic during an argument.

When this element is properly employed, it becomes a helpful tool to have in your arsenal for a professional that want to further show an important element of their data, statement, or argument to make it crystal clear. But best of all, it doesn’t matter who their audience might be: from any web user to the CEO of a company, all of them will value its usage.


  1. Technical Skills.

Digital Marketing is a brave new world and as such, it requires a new brand of marketer. For this role, it has become almost paramount that the budding professional has, at the very least, a basic knowledge of some of the other skills that this work involves. Video editing, programming, coding, and graphic design are some of the many abilities that a new marketer should incorporate to their arsenal, so that they can have a better understanding of what their duties, and furthermore, are able to explain it to the hired specialist in regards those areas.


  1. Team Work.

With the constantly growing importance of social media and the internet, and especially in digital marketing campaigns, digital marketers have discovered that one of the best ways to make the most out of any social media strategy is to count on a dedicated social media team. The presence of this tool allows them to develop more elaborate plans for their customers.


So with this aspect in mind, having the skill set for running an efficient  social media team is critical, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an employer, employee, or just someone interested in getting into the digital marketing world. The online world is becoming more and more socially driven; knowing how to work with it is an important asset for anyone.


  1. Content Marketing and news jacking.

The social media environment is a complex medium.  Marketing within this domain is not just posting some promotional content on a social network and hoping for the best. These platforms are based around quality content, not shameless promotion. The best way to establish a brand and reach the audiences that you seek to engage is having a solid group of content creators. These professionals can give you several types of content to develop important and varying levels of reach, with several types of content (Blog post, twitter content, Facebook Post, etc.) that allows a given brand to stay present and relevant in the social media environment.


  1. Soft Skills, Customer Services, and Lead Generation.

One thing that has caused a profound effect in the digital marketing world is the new nature of the customer relationship. Now, brands can use social media and any other promotional tools to interact directly with their customer, not only speaking to them, but also receiving immediate feedback from them. This element makes them work on a new, more elaborate kind of relationship, with their customer. Having the skill to reach your users, while making them feel as though they are interacting with a person, is a key tool to impact not only social media but also develop lead generation.

In the business world, social media strategies may look diminished or unimportant if they don’t generate profits, but with a prepared team handling the customer relations effectively, using a human touch and being sensitive, can easily translate into bigger sales and increased profits.

It’s also important to create a great team environment within the agency, brand, or company because it won’t matter if you gather the best team of professionals if they don’t get along or collaborate with each other.

When you’re looking for new staff members, try to combine people that possess some of all these seven skills and you’ll have a strong team ready to take your band, agency, or company to the next level. 

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