When you need marketing results yesterday, the best strategy you can deploy is a ppc or social ppc campaign.

Google and Facebook make it seem like their platforms are so easy to use and there is no doubt that they are user friendly. However, every piece of marketing content needs a strategy behind it and in the case of ppc, the strategy should be based on an understanding of how to best use the platform to your advantage.

If you want incredible results from a ppc campaign, then your best strategy is to either be an expert in ppc or hire someone who is.


When you should run your own ppc campaigns

Google makes it easy for you to set up an adwords account and will even assign you your own adword specialist who will make recommendations according to your industry. Here’s the thing, Google is in the business of making money especially on this platform and in our experience what these specialists have recommended and the budget they’ve pushed for are much higher than what a company who offers ppc services can do for you. On the other side of things, how will you know what type of ad will work best? This comes with experience.

You should run your own campaigns if you’ve done the research, taken classes, are willing to experiment and have even better have gotten certified.


The advantages of hiring a ppc management company

There are many advantages to hiring an agency that offers ppc campaign services, especially if that agency is a Google Certified partner agency. First advantage is of course expertise and understanding. The second advantage is experience. The more you run ppc campaigns the more strategic you can be because you’ve learned from past results, this is especially true if the campaign has run campaigns in your industry.

PPC experts will see opportunity where you can’t and this will save you the risk of wasting away your money. They will also understand how to develop a target audience, spend your money strategically and know what type of ad style and more important content will drive the most leads.

Finally, all digital advertising campaigns should lead back to a landing page. If you do not know what a landing page is or know how to create one, then you definitely should be working with a company that offers ppc management services.


It's easy to spend money on Google Adwords or social ppc, hiring a ppc campaign manager might actually save you the money you think you would save by not hiring them. On the other hand, if you do your research and take some online tutorials you can equip yourself with some of the knowledge needed to handle your own campaigns. Good luck!

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