If you’re like a typical small business, your marketing budget is pretty small. That small budget, however, is essential to your business's growth. In order, to make that budget stretch you need to spend and market strategically.

There are many reasons to use a portion of that budget on pay per click advertising or social advertising. Consider that 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to by an item online and that advertising on Facebook is the only guaranteed way to get your posts seen by more than 1% of your followers. (Source)


Pay Per Click Advertising Explained

Pay per click better known as ppc is a form of digital advertising where businesses pay a fee when their ads are clicked. PPC helps drive traffic to a website and is a smart way to supplement organic or social traffic when you’re building your online presence. Social PPC is similar, though on platforms like Facebook you can also choose to pay for impressions.   

The platforms that support advertising PPC are generally simple to use, it’s the strategy behind the ads that is complicated.

PPC campaigns on both Google and Facebook are relatively cheap in comparison to traditional advertising sources. The money spent on a $4000 print ad can go along way on digital and you’ll have a better understanding of your ROI thanks to the ability to track costs per click, traffic sources and conversions.


How Businesses Waste Their Digital Advertising Budget 

The good and the bad of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads can really only be understood if you’ve done trial and error and learned the rules and guidelines of the platforms. Though you can control budget and understand a cost per click, it’s easy to waste money on the wrong keyword or audience segmentation. We’ve seen many businesses attempt to run their own PPC campaigns with little to no success because they're simply using the platform wrong and are therefore not producing results.


Why use a PPC Management Company

Sometimes it’s easier to trust the experts, especially when you’re experimenting with a new platform. What ppc experts can do for you is bring their experiences, knowledge and proven strategy and turn that into a campaign that will deliver results for your businesses. A company that provides PPC management services should and will if you hire right, have a history or delivering results and effectively driving business for the companies that they work for. Finally, a ppc company can save you the money you might lose experimenting or making mistakes.

Spending your marketing budget wisely means always looking for a competitive advantage. There is no better business growth scale than the help of digital marketing and you can really see that boost with a strategic ppc campaign. To learn what results looks like when you work with an experienced ppc management company click here.

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