With over 20,000 marketing and sales teams working on the HubSpot platform across 90 countries, it's never been more important to have the ability to connect your digital tools.

When tedious processes are automated your business frees up time for your employees so that they can focus on the aspects of their job that matter most. This is exactly why HubSpot encourages integrations across the HubSpot API.

CRM Integrations

One of the most popular HubSpot integrations is between your HubSpot portal and your CRM. When an integration is set up between the two platforms you are able to manage your leads and use their interactions with your brand to power your marketing. Benefits include demonstrateable ROI and increased lead intelligence.

Any CRM can be connected with HubSpot, a HubSpot developer can easily set up an integration however, the most popular CRM's already connect. That includes leaders like Infusionsoft, Insightly and Salesforce.

Popular Integrations

The following integrations are either built and supported by HubSpot themselves or are maintained by the external partner. Businesses who are plugged into HubSpot are using these tools to automate their businesses.

Zendesk - Connect your customer support system with your sales and marketing data. Know all about your customers needs.

GoToWebinar - Sync your HubSpot landing pages and email automation with your Webinar's. There's no need to move data between these digital tools.

Wistia - Learn more about your leads based on how they interact with your videos.

Google Calendar - This is especially helpful if you are using the HubSpot sales features. Schedule your events and meetings in HubSpot and your calendar will be automatically updated and vice versa.

Zapier - The integration platform that makes digital connectivity easy. Easily zap information between HubSpot and programs like Google, Slack and MailChimp.

WordPress - The HubSpot integration with WordPress allows you to connect your WordPress website or blog. Track keywords, page performance and customer actions in order to make more informed marketing decisions.


Build your own HubSpot Integrations

If you can't find an integration that works for you, then you can have own built. Their are certified HubSpot partners, like ourselves, that build an integration to support the automation of your processes. Browse our HubSpot integration services here.

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