SEO is a major component of your online strategy that is affected by many things you do, from your website content to your user experience. It’s how people find you in search engines, and it’s how you generate the majority of your online traffic.

If people can’t find your website, you will not get the conversions you need to increase your customer base. This can limit your profitability and your business’ success.

First, we took a look at the worst website platforms for SEO. Now, we’re going to show you what it takes to find the best ecommerce platforms for SEO.

While there are many factors that can affect your SEO strategy, some have more weight than others. A good website platform will focus on the heaviest items first, but won't ignore the rest.


Keyword and Content Optimization Options

There should be space in your website builder to select and implement focus keywords that tell Google’s crawlers what your page is about. However, the best website builders will track your keyword density to ensure you don’t get flagged for keyword stuffing or bad practices.


Plugin Compatibility

Some website platforms allow you to implement or add plugins that can improve your user experience, as well as help with your SEO strategy. For example, WordPress is compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin that will help ensure each of your web pages and blog posts are fully optimized.


On-Page SEO Elements

Your website platform should allow you a variety of options for your on-page SEO. In fact, the best ecommerce platforms allow you to do this for each product, blog post, or page. This way, each of your products has the opportunity to rank in a targeted search based on those selected keywords. These elements include image alt attributes, title tags, URL, and meta description.


XML Sitemaps

You should also look for a platform that allows you to automatically generate an XML sitemap, which is an important key element to your SEO strategy. The sitemap allows you to add all of your products and pages to the file, including new pages as you add them, so that search engines can index your content. The best ecommerce platforms for small businesses will have this option automatically included in your package, as sometimes you will have to pay an extra cost to include this feature.


Does your website stack up? If not, it may be time to get a professional web development team to take a look at it and provide some ecommerce solutions that will work for you. They can build you the best ecommerce platform that will help your website get noticed and attract more traffic.

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