Your website is the most important tool your business has in the online world. If it’s not doing its job, your business could suffer.

It may be time to ask yourself that crucial question: does my website suck?

A good website doesn’t just focus on a beautiful design- it has to be user friendly and mobile responsive as well. If people can’t easily navigate your website, it won’t matter if it’s nice to look at.

If you think it’s time for an upgrade, here are some website improvement tips you can implement right away to get the ball rolling.


Use More Digestible Content

Today’s digital audience has an 8 second attention span, so if you don’t catch that attention before time is up they will move on to other things.

Instead of lengthy, block paragraphs of content, stick to shorter, digestible bits of information that people can absorb quickly. Make sure it’s interesting, as they won’t continue reading if your content doesn’t stand out from the competition.


White Space is Not an Enemy

Many people are hesitant to use white space, but the reality is that white space is a great way to implement strategic, attractive web design that people can easily navigate through. It makes it easier for your audience to find certain elements on your page, and allows them to focus on your content instead of getting distracted.


Always Optimize For Mobile

You should know by now that more than half of your audience is viewing your website via mobile. That means you should make sure your site is mobile responsive and avoid making any of the common mobile mistakes that could discourage your mobile audience.


Improve Your Page Speed and Loading Time

If your website takes too long to load, people are going to become impatient and click away. People are used to digesting things at high speeds nowadays, and your bounce rate could become critical if your website doesn’t meet that demand, which has a negative impact on your conversion rate.


Fix Broken Links

Broken links, such as 404 errors, won’t harm your SEO strategy, but they will definitely frustrate users and drive away some of your audience. People don’t want to spend the time navigating through broken links or making a lot of effort to get to a specific page.


Do You Need a Website Redesign?

It’s inevitable that sometimes a website might need more than just a few little tweaks to give it the help it needs. Sometimes, you may need a complete website redesign to get your strategy where it needs to be to help drive conversions and online traffic. If this is so, it could be time to hire a web development company to create a custom design for you that has all of the right features.

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