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The options you have to add ecommerce to a WordPress site

Posted by Mariana Morales


If you already have a website that operates on WordPress you can appreciate how easy the CMS is to use. It's understandable then, if you are looking for opportunity to grow your business online that you'd want to continue to use WordPress to do so.

You're not alone, in fact a large number of online stores operate on WordPress using a specific plugin called WooCommerce. This WordPress online store plugin has surpassed all other ecommerce platforms in amount of downloads and it's likely because it holds the same user centric values as WordPress.

How to create an online store with WordPress

As it is with any other circumstance in adding functionality to your WordPress site, you download a plugin to build your online store. The WooCommerce plugin can be found in the directory and we're happy to say is free. Once you have downloaded and installed WooCommerce you're well on your way to a functional ecommerce site.

Things to consider for your online store

Before you start the process of building out your store we recommend that you compile some information first.

Know the answer to the following questions:

  • How will you accept and process payments ( Stripe or PayPal others are available too)
  • How will you handle shipping, do you have weights for your products
  • Have you fleshed out your product features? Know what's important to include in each product listing.
  • How will you handle inventory?
  • Do you need customization? (yes, likely!)

Continuing to set up your store

WooCommerce walks you through your stores set-up, simply run the set-up wizard. It will walk you through some of the points above and more like store location and currency.

Once you make it through the Wizard you can start adding products in. Then it's on to customization. This is where you get to take your products and amp it up with your brands styling via a WordPress theme. You will have a default product theme installed which you can customize or you can choose a separate theme for your store.

Customizing your store with the help of a WordPress developer

You can further customize or build the store with the help of a developer. Building on WordPress can go easily be "over your head" especially if you are not familiar with HTML. It's the fine details and functionalities that make a design crisp and user experience flawless, this is where a developer or designer can help.


If you want to add ecommerce to a WordPress site you do have more options than just WooCommerce. You can also create a store on a third party site, we've covered that in detail here

Need help customizing or building your store, connect with our WordPress development team herechoosing an ecommerce platform


Mariana Morales

Written by Mariana Morales

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