Whether your company employs 100 or 10,000, a custom corporate intranet portal can assist with eliminating disconnect amongst employees, improve the organization of company documents and increase productivity. With companies constantly progressing into a digital era, it only makes sense to manage your company via a digital platform. 

You may be wondering, “What is an intranet portal?”. Well, an intranet portal is a gateway that allows access to a company's information and applications via an intranet. This tool also allows companies to manage their data, information, and applications through personalized views. Intranet portals can be custom built by a development firm, allowing your organization to choose the features they specifically desire or need based on productivity and functionality.


Corporate Intranet Portal Features

Various benefits are associated with a enterprise intranet portal. Intranet portal features include; an increase in productivity, a smooth process for management to communicate with employees, increase in collaboration and knowledge management.

Within your company's custom intranet portal, you have the ability to feature company events, meetings, outstanding tasks, important documents, relevant news, email and more. The possibilities really are endless.

These intranet portal features will assist with increasing your organization's productivity and help create a more organized workplace. By having one centralized hub developed specifically for your organization it helps to reduce the amount of time an employee typically spends searching for specific files, documents, meetings, and tasks through multiple applications.


Departments that may benefit most

Amongst an organization, there are various departments that may experience the highest benefit from a custom corporate intranet portal. These departments include;

Intranet for Human Resources

Implementing an intranet portal would allow HR the ability to manage employee relations, post all important documents, provide information and communicate any important notices that may need to be addressed to employees.

Intranet for Corporate Communications

A corporate intranet portal allows corporate communications the ability to publish important company documents, advertise new company policies, communicate values or culture amongst employees.

Intranet for Corporate Management

An intranet portal would allow for management to easily manage and monitor their staff. The ability to monitor tasks, store documents and email from one system would increase productivity and reduce disconnect between management and staff.


Engaging a Development Firm to Create your Custom Intranet Portal

Custom development for a corporate intranet portal is a great way for companies to get exactly what they need. By hiring a development firm they will ensure all desired elements are incorporated into the design and make sure your portal complies with your organization's standards. Development firms are typically certified digital technology experts that thrive at solving problems by creating custom solutions for clients. Typically possessing knowledge and resources to make as complex or as simple of a system your organization desires.


If your organization is interested in promoting an increase in productivity and improving your workflow an internet portal may be the answer. Let the pros handle the hard work, contact our development team today to discuss available options.

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