As an HR manager, you know how important it is to be organized and how beneficial easy access to documentation can be. While you are juggling various tasks like payroll, benefits, the hiring, and firing of employees you are also juggling the paperwork that goes alongside it. When you have proper tools to manage your employment roster you are able to do your job with ease. This is where having a custom HR intranet portal designed can become your best asset, as well as an asset to the employees that you manage. 


Benefits of an HR Intranet Portal

Having an internal intranet typically allows for a more seamlessly process while managing employee matters and relations. Some of the features that can be incorporated into your portal include;

  1. New employee onboarding
  2. Employee focused documents (i.e. employee standards, time off, vacation, etc…)
  3. Performance reviews
  4. Training process

Implementing an hr intranet in your organization can also reduce the amount of physical paper typically filed and stored in an HR department. 


Employee Intranet Portal

For employees to be equipped to do their jobs and feel supported it can be beneficial to provide an employee facing intranet that works simulateously with HR's own portal. An employee portal can operate in various ways. It can be a training centre, a resource for all HR forms, it can even act as your companies cloud.

Often when the HR department completes performance reviews they can then use them to determine what new learnings or tactics should be implemented in order to help improve employee development. By incorporating an employee intranet portal it can also allow managers to manage staff more effectively.

Additional features to include into a custom corporate Intranet Portal

When working with your development firm it is important that all elements are outlined. Besides having hr intranet software and an employee intranet portal, what other features might you desire? Well, the HR department in your company is responsible for various employee aspects some additional features you may desire in your intranet portal can include:   

  • Knowledge management
  • WHMIS documents  
  • Employee Calendar

Investing in a custom intranet portal for your HR department will providea best case platform in which you can accomplish your jobs. Choosing features that your HR department wants/needs in their custom built intranet system is important to contributing to the overall functionality of the department. It is also key to hire a knowledgeable and skilled development team that will meet your company's needs.

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