The internet has opened a whole new wave of lead generation possibilities and online advertising is one of the most proactive strategies your business can take.

You, yourself may find online ads annoying but there is no denying that they work and they are one of the fastest ways to drive revenue quickly while seeing better and more visible ROI than any tradition campaign.

The effectiveness of online advertising is monitored by marketing and advertising experts across North America and the types of online advertising where they are seeing the best return are social advertising and Google AdWords.


Social Advertising for Businesses

Every major social media platform allow advertising. Consider that 72% of adults are on Facebook and engaged, it provides an incredible opportunity for businesses large and small.

It is a platform with incredible user intelligence that can be leveraged for very specific ad targeting. Facebook is by far the most used social advertising platform and it allows you to access Instagram as well. The next most popular advertising platform in then Google.


Google Advertising for Businesses

To share more about the power of Google advertising consider that "64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online." Google advertising has many facets, from Google search ads to display ads and YouTube based video ads to shopping ads on search.

With this type of advertising you pay when a user clicks and the cost per click is totally reasonable at an average cost of $2.32.


Hiring A PPC Management Company

The best way to get the best PPC results and social advertising results is to hire a PPC management company, especially one that is a Google Certified Partner. There is a lot to understand in each platform's system and navigating which ad will be most effective is much easier with experience. Not to mention, that your management company will likely handle the design and content elements.

 If you want to start getting results fast or you are finally ready to know the ROI of your marketing campaigns, your business should be using social and Google advertising.

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