Your clients all want and demand the best website possbile. 


The most competitive websites all meet a certain amount of criteria. They are optimized to perform well, they satisfy search engine rules for SEO and the have an SSL certificate applied. Most importantly, these websites are responsive.

We continue to see mobile website design under prioritized. This is an issue, responsive design is essential for the ability to rank on search and for to retain visitors once they hit your mobile site. 

When you pay attention to the mobile responsiveness of your new website redesign projects you are one step closer to providing your clients with the best sites possible. 


The best way to make a responsive website is to keep it simple

Mobile websites are best when they are simple because they are easy to navigate. 

Use caution when getting too creative with designs. Having an aesthetically appealing website is important, but don’t compromise user friendliness for an overly artistic website. Well done responsive websites make sure that everything is accessible and easy to navigate.


Put responsive web design first

The idea here is you build your mobile site before the desktop or tablet site, and then scale up from there. By doing this you get rid of any potential problems that can arise from mobile (like visibility for images or text) first, so you don’t have to worry about those in the final steps.


You’ll need multiple images

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to how to make a website responsive is to make sure you have multiples of each image, which are all optimized for the different layouts. By optimizing these images you reduce scaling and potential bandwidth issues.


Your screen is small, so keep it short

Bulks of text don’t translate well from desktop to mobile. When creating a responsive website, limit the amount of text on mobile devices to what’s the most necessary. Users don’t like to scroll through blocks of text on a mobile device, so make sure that you don’t lose the viewers by simply recreating your desktop site.


Consult a responsive website design expert

Your mobile website is just as important as your desktop website, so consider outsourcing to a responsive website design company. These companies exists because expert mobile design is essential. The are staffed with experts who know all the answers to how to make a responsive website? They will make sure that the site is optimized and built to be properly viewed in all browsers and over all devices. You may choose to use their expertise in the design phase to recommend request responsive temes or to design themes for you. They can also evaluate whether your current design with translate to mobile and provide suggestions on the best way possible to do so. 

Mobile users can’t be ignored, and with the use of mobile on the rise, it’s an opportunity you can’t miss out on to drive sales. Click below to learn what it’s like to work with Computan, and let our team of experts help you create the best responsive website design for your business.

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