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Top 6 website improvement tips - improve your website immediately

Posted by Mariana Morales

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To be competitive, you must constantly be experimenting and improving.

The same can be said for your website, your digital storefront. This idea in practice sees a company that is constantly brainstorming ways to improve website design and conversion or a person who is hungry for website improvement ideas.

Take these 6 website improvement tips to get started with your competitive edge. 

Identify the problems

To understand how to improve your website, you first have to identify what might be wrong. You might know from user feedback, but the better way is to have your website technically evaluated. There are simple test programs that can be run on your website to gain a complete understanding of the problems.

These programs will grade your website on several things.

It will grade on performance, which will help you identify if you have potential problems with loading times. The grader will also test for SEO qualifications to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines. Mobile responsiveness will be checked for your mobile users, as well as, your website’s security. The results will tell you where you can start making improvements. This service is one that Computan offers.


Add CTAS or improve upon your current ones

Optimized websites use buttons or call-to-action (CTAs) to help lead customers on a conversion journey. Rather than allowing customers to stumble through your site and potentially miss valuable content, ensure that you have buttons leading them to the most popular and most important pages. You will use these CTAs and forms not only for the sake of the user, but also to improve conversion rates for your website.

If you are already using CTAs within your website, evaluate how well your CTAs work. Take a close look at the action words that are used: could you use more influential wording? Look at the colour as well, and make sure it matches the theme of your website, but also that it stands out enough that your customers will want to click on it. You won’t want an eyesore, but you definitely don’t want it to get lost in the background of your website.


Put testimonials front and centre

Testimonials work wonders in creating credibility for your business. Create trust with new visitors with proof from past clients.  Think of them as online referrals. Your testimonials shouldn’t be hidden, but instead try and incorporate them into the main pages of your site. You want to provide opportunity to win the trust of new visitors - your website is often your business’ first impression - let these potential clients see you at your best.


Do a content refresh 

Could your content be better? probably. Could your content be refreshed for SEO ranking opportunities? Definitely. Don’t risk allowing your website to become invisible to customers and potential customers. When you improve your website make sure everything is optimized so that you are at your most visible. For ideas on how to improve SEO of a website click here


A/B test to improve website design and conversion

One of the best ways to improve website conversion is to use A/B testing. In an A/B test you should take a page and modify it to create a second version of that page. The change doesn’t have to be extensive - something as simple as changing a headline or a button will work.

Then, half your traffic is shown the original version of the page (control group) and the other half are shown the modified version (variation group). This allows you to determine whether changing the website had a positive or negative effect on your conversion rates, or if any effect could be seen at all.

A/B tests can be used consistently to always improve your website experience for users. It allows you to make carefully planned changes to your website with data to back up your decisions.


Put responsive web design first

If your website isn’t already responsive and mobile friendly that is a problem. About half the traffic going to your website will be from mobile users. You need to keep in mind how your website will look to them, not just the full desktop user. Make sure your website is optimized to be responsive, because if it isn’t, you risk losing out on the traffic from mobile users.

If you already have responsive websites, consider how you could improve the user experience on a mobile device.


Consult a website design expert

The best way to really improve your website is to enlist in the help of a team of experts. Have a fresh pair of eyes look over your website to identify areas of improvement, you may be surprised how easily items are identified. To learn more about how Computan can help improve your website design and make your website the best it can be, click below.

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