We've already discussed the benefits of outsourcing, now, we want to guide you on where and what to look for when partnering with new outsourced marketing companies.

1. Experience: Ask for a portfolio of past projects.  Most outsourced marketing companies and agencies will be eager to show how much they know and lots of pretty-picture material.  Don't be fooled! Ask them for marketing campaigns that have actually resulted in new customers. 

2. Diligence: Try meeting with them several times before making the final decision.  One pro-tip is to meet with them at different times of the day. This will be a good way to predict how available they'll be once they are hired to service your account and solve problems.

3. Accessibility: Make sure you understand how easy it is to reach out to them. Do they work over the phone? Skype? E-Mail? Face-to-face? It's important to make sure they're as available as possible to help you at all times.

4. Price: The price point with outsourced marketing companies is always a tricky part. They can't be too cheap, but they shouldn't be too expensive either. A great way to see a transparent budget is asking them to explain how many hours they'll be investing in your projects and at what rate.

5. Feeling: Yes, soit unds funny, but the marketing agency is going to be a very important partner for you and your business.  You need to feel good and comfortable around them.

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