Business owners or start-ups fail to hire the right talent for their company either because they can't communicate their requirements correctly in the job description form or they lack technical knowledge that they don't know what the exact skill they are looking for. Here are a few reasons that might resonate with a few of you who are struggling to find the right HubSpot developers for their organization. Also, this blog is aimed to give you some clarity on how to funnel down your search to the right hire.

What kind of HubSpot developer are you trying to hire (Frontend or Backend)?

So, the frontend is the part of the application, which is visible to the clients, and customers. This is the screen where interaction on the human level happens. Now backend is the part where the logic, databases, integrations, and all the coding happens. You cannot directly see that, but there are a lot of processes going on at the backend. 

When you go to a restaurant, you are served food on a beautifully prepared plate by the chef or the waiter. Now, this food is the product you see in the front while where this food was being prepared in the kitchen where all the ingredients were lying on the shelf, there was oven, flames, and 20 other dishes were being prepared or whatever is going in the kitchen is considered as a backend part as you don't directly see it.

When hiring a HubSpot developer, you should know whether you need a frontend or a backend. Is it really a developer you need or a webpage designer who knows HubSpot will do the work?

Here's a tip: See the tasks you wish your new hire to achieve, search for similar tasks on LinkedIn and see who has done those tasks. You will head in the right direction. You can even simply ask the task-specific questions from the potential candidates. This would give you an idea about the ideal candidate's skills.

Are HubSpot development certifications important when finding an HS developer?

I would say that certifications are important, but I will also give equal importance to the experience and the projects undertaken by a certain candidate because these give the actual ground report of the kind of tasks the developer has done. It's like a soldier who has completed his/her training versus the one who has fought the actual battles. You know which one to give importance to.

HubSpot development certifications tell you that the candidate has spent time understanding the core infrastructure of how things work at HubSpot and can build efficient applications or perform integrations or simply work on your regular website development tasks. The important thing to know is whether the candidate has the certification in the skills that you need or not. Simply explore the certification n official HubSpot website and see what skills it targets. If it matches your requirements, you are good to interview that candidate. 

What Does a HubSpot Developer Do?

HubSpot developer is a common term used in the job-hunting market. Still, when we go to specific terms because we love to, we can categorize HubSpot developers into the following categories.

HubSpot Application Developers

A HubSpot application developer uses the HubSpot platform to build the applications and list them on the HubSpot marketplace. These HubSpot applications are accessed by the HubSpot marketplace having 73,000+ subscribers figuring out the best applications to run their businesses efficiently. 

HubSpot Integration Developers

If you are a regular visitor to Computan website, then you would know our love for custom integration. We have ample custom integration blogs waiting for you to read. It's a no-brainer that businesses need integration at almost every step of their business processes to smoothly run the whole system. HubSpot integration developers build and deploy custom integration solutions for the client's and business's integration requirements. HubSpot has opened up its platform to the plethora of applications that HubSpot website owners can integrate into their platform in the real-time world. Whether it is about sending emails, receiving payments, listing products, scheduling a video call, or anything from your business departments, HubSpot website owners can accomplish anything with custom integrations. And, of course, Computan is always here for any kind of integration project. Just drop us a message. 

HubSpot Managers (CRM)

A HubSpot manager trains the clients to use HubSpot CRM so that the team can easily manage customer/business relationships using an innovative dashboard. Businesses can easily manage their contacts, marketing tasks, emails, and sales pipelines, shaping the buyer's journey. This also helps in responding to the customer's calls and tickets.

HubSpot Website Developers

HubSpot developers can now build robust and secure landing pages and full websites using HubSpot CMS Hub. The webpages are fully personalized with editors available and easily integrated with third-party APIs. Marketers can easily expand their websites dynamically by increasing the content published and ranking them on the top search engine result page.

Negotiable and Non-Negotiable Soft Skills in a HubSpot Developer

The market has many expert HubSpot developers. If you are having a tough time finding one, you might have to tweak your knowledge of your requirements and then portray the same in the job description. Our list of interview questions to ask HubSpot Developers while hiring will surely help you. This list does highlight the important and core skills you need to look for in your HubSpot developer. Still, it also highlights the other soft skills that are non-negotiable such as time management, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, work ethic, attention to detail and the list goes on. You can ask a question to test any of these skills based on the projects they had done in the past. For example, ‘How did you solve that problem in that project?’, based on their answers you can know whether they are a team player or a good problem solver among other things.

There are a few traits that some managers take into account but have nothing to do with whether the candidate is skillful or not. For example, they won’t hire a good candidate because he/she is from a developing country. We have a blog on that, titled: Are all Indian Developers are Bad? do give it a read. If you see a good talent from anywhere globally, you shouldn’t ignore them because they are from a small country or a developing one. Of course, if your work requires the same time zones, then that’s an exception. Or, if you still want to hire them, then make things work with the working shifts.