We're living in the startup age.  It seems like everyone has become an entrepreneur and ready to go after their ideas.  The thing is, most of us aren't clear on how much preparation and dedication it takes to actually lift a new idea from the ground and make it a reality.   

Just to start, there's finances, funding, and a very important part: marketing. Creating a startup marketing plan is definetely a step you NEED to take.

And here are some of the most important reasons why: 


To Compete 

1. It will show you how competitive is your idea: Sure, you think you're the first one to think about it, but that's probably not true.  There's a pretty good chance that someone already created something similar, so take a deep look and identify those competitors. Decide why and where you're different and of course why are you a better option!


To Find your Audience

2. It will show you who your audience is: I can't explain how important it is to identify and target the correct audiences. We've seen so many great ideas fail because they were targeting a wrong audience! A startup marketing plan will allow you to make sure you're talking to the right group of people. 


To understand your investment needs

3. It will let you know how much money you'll need to invest: location, location, location, it was true 30 years ago and it still is. Having good placement and being seen means you'll need to invest in advertising. Don't underestimate these costs, they're usually higher than the development costs. 

Looking for a template startup marketing plan? Look no further!

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