The word outsourcing has many negative connotations.  Say the word 'outsourcing' and people think about a basement in Korea and their unemployed neighbour. The truth is outsourcing is a strategic decision.  Fortune 500 companies outsource tasks all the time to smaller companies.  This allows them to focus on what they're really good at.


When Outsourcing Web Design Is A Good Idea

A decsion to outsource web design should be the first thing a company does.  Here is why it's always a good idea to do so: 

  1. You are not a web developer: it's that simple. You're probably a great manager, marketer and leader. None of those qualities help when facing a computer full of code and complicated functions. Leave the programming and developing to the experts and you take care of business!
  1. You are not a graphic designer: Websites are digital marketing sales reps.  You need a designer to implement your vision, but if you bog yourself down in fonts, color choices and aesthetics then you're not focusing on bigger picture items.  Graphic design is art and takes time.  Find a better way to spend your time if you are responsible for getting leads and business opportunities for your business.
  1. You don't have the time: Believe us, building websites, apps and digital properties take time!  It's puzzling, but I've seen housing units and commercial skyscrapers be finished in less time than digital marketing projects.  Creating a website from zero to a magnificent lead generator is NOT easy or fast! So make sure to outsource this task to professionals with the time, knowledge and flexibility to iterate and make changes on the fly.
  2. You haven't thought about how to make a responsive website: In order for any website to be successful, it must function well across all mobile devices. Mobile web design needs to be one of the first design considerations taken when it comes to a website redesign. If your designer isn't thinking mobile, when creating your design mockup, your website might suck.

Don't take outsourcing to experts for granted

Remember your website is going to be a huge help to get leads and establish relationships with customers, so don’t take it for granted.  Find the best possible partner to outsource web design to and really take the next step in the digital world!

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