Consider that 60% of website traffic now comes from a mobile device, this statistical truth demonstrates why responsive web design has become essential. A website that does not translate across desktop, cell phone and tablets is a website that is losing sales for its business.

Research has also demonstrated that mobile and tablet users will not stay on websites that aren't properly manipulated for mobile. The difference responsive web design makes is a mobile site that is immediately digestible and 100% directive, something mobile users respond to.


Responsive website design basics - How to make a website responsive

When a developer puts responsive design first, they consider environment and behavior and manipulate their design to match these key elements to screen size and platform style. Each screen viewpoint requires a different approach to content lay out, responsive design will allow the layout to change based on the screens size and style.

Since the concept of responsive web design was coined, a number of successful design patterns have emerged. A responsive website design expert will know how to work with the original web design to manipulate content layouts across viewports. If you are building on a platform like WordPress or HubSpot you may consider using a responsive theme or hiring a responsive design company to create a custom site for your business.


SEO and responsive web design

Two of the reasons that you are having a website developed are to drive brand identity and sales growth through the site. A large part of that will come from your organic traffic reach, however if your website is not responsive it will struggle to rank in search engine results. This is because Google's algorithm favours responsive design and is their recommended design pattern.


Finding responsive website design services

If you're considering redesigning your website, ensure that the responsive website design company you choose will put responsive web design first. That means they are experts in responsive design and ensure that the site will be properly built to address all viewpoints. They should be able to recommend themes over various platforms and be capable of building their own custom responsive design/build. Lastly, ask for examples, so you can better understand how they make website translate across all devices.


Mobile usage will only continue to grow and the opportunity to drive sales is available to every business if their website is responsive. If you are a marketing agency looking for a responsive design and development partner click below to learn what it is like to work with Computan.

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