Will my WordPress website integrate with HubSpot? This question is something many businesses inquire about and it can sound complicated in the execution but the answer is as simple as yes. The better is yes and well!

We've assembled a short list of things you need to know about how your website will integreate will HubSpot. The positive is that the integration will optimize your online presence to allow your website to perform at its peak.


Hubspot Tracking Code

This tracking code is a segway into all the tools Hubspot has that work to optimize your site once you have integrated.

Once you integrate WordPress and Hubspot, the Hubspot tracking code will be on your WordPress web pages to draw in analytics. The tracking code can be applied through a WordPress plugin, together they will ease you into an integration process that will make your site and Hubspot be cohesive.  

HubSpot Template Creation

The nice thing about Hubspot is that when you sign up their internal development team will create templates that incorporate your WordPress websites branding for you.

That means you don’t have to worry about hiring a developer to get simple, ready to use and branded blogs, email or landing page templates.

You also won’t have to worry about recreating the look of your website on these external but necessary extensions of your site. When you do decide to expand your landing page or email template design concepts, a little experimenting or the assistance of a cos HubSpot developer will help you expand your possibilities.

Hubspot Tools

Hubspot's use is not limited to template creation, you can use the platforms CTA and form builders on your WordPress website pages.  There is also flexibility once you integrate Hubspot and WordPress, for instance you can alternate CTAs (A/B test) to track which ones are working for your site to ultimately make better decisions for your marketing.

If you want your WordPress site to thrive as a marketing resource, then integrating WordPress with Hubspot is the right move for your business and can start as simple as a copy and paste and download. The technical side of setting up your HubSpot platform with your WordPress website is very fast and seamless, it's when you start getting into the marketing side where you'll need to spend more time working on strategy.

Feeling overwhelmed? We'll help you integrate Hubspot and WordPress to get you back to working on the things that matter for you business and letting Computan handle the technical stuff, its what we do best!

HubSpot Support from a HubSpot developer