Overworked, stressed, piles of work – these are everyday scenario in people's career. The pandemic situation added to it and hampered the productivity while working from home. When that is over, we need to go back where we left and rise to the old office culture standards, and increasing productivity.

Tips To Increase Productivity

Make Use of the Dedicated Workspace

With offices getting opened, the time of sitting on the couch and working are over. Developers now have a dedicated workspace where they can have fewer disturbances. If you are working remotely or still working from home because of lockdown in your area, you must invest in your workstation and space. It will increase your productivity for sure. You will be in your work zone while in that space. And, when you are there, make sure you make the best use of it. As Deadpool says - Maximum effort!


Know Your Distractions and Eradicate Them

We all have developed distractions while working from home. Checking WhatsApp chats and family groups, running errands, and social media are responsible for our busier but less productive schedule. And, we are guilty as charged. This has to change now. This is time to keeping all these distractions at bay, wiring in the headphones, and focusing on work. This might not happen in a day, but eventually, you will have a busier and productive schedule equally. Start keeping track of time and tasks you want to achieve whether you are in the office or at home.

Talking about time tracking, using a calendar scheduling might help you organize your days, weeks, and months. Get more done with Calendar Scheduling software.

Make your work such a big thing, and you don’t get distracted by the smaller ones.



I told you to make your work a BIG thing. Now, I am going to tell you how to eat that Big Thing.

The tip is to segment the tasks into smaller tasks. Assign smaller milestones to yourself and set their deadline. Step by step, segmentation helps you keep track of your progress. Looking at the gigantic task might haunt you, and the stress will cover up the important space in your head, causing burnout of energy, and you will feel lethargic. Small tasks won’t cause much stress leaving your mind free that you can easily focus and finish the work.

You can segment the tasks based on the steps included in them or the days it would take. It is a proven technique for high productivity. Commit to yourself to finish the smaller deadlines you set for yourself.

That’s How you Devour a Whale – One Bit at a Time



One-Tasking or Single-Tasking

"The quicker way to do many things is to do one thing at a time"

– Christopher Westra

There’s no doubt about it that if you choose to do one task at a time, you stay more focused on the task, you get more done with it rather than while doing multitasking. From a chef’s point of view – one fully prepared cuisine is better than four unprepared cuisines. The answer is clear.

If you want to clear issues in multiple projects, don’t go for resolving a few issues in most of them simultaneously. Clear the issues in one project, deliver it, and then focus on the other. While performing multitasking, we tend to miss the details, and you know that the ‘Devil is in the details.’

multitasking singletasking

Tools and Software

In ancient times, the armies had archers, swordsmen, horse riders, and the leaders gave the best weapons to the ones who were skilled in the particular battlefield skill. You, as developers, deserve to use the right tools for high productivity. In your years of experience, you must know which tools ease your work and which don’t. Working around your preferred tools puts you in a comfortable position to work, and you can achieve more.

It doesn’t matter that what’s best for others is best for you as well. Don’t fall into that mindset. If you are in the initial stage of your career, follow the tools that your company is following so you can align with other team members. If you are working independently, then try out different tools to find the best ones for you. The only best tools out there are those you can put to work to their full potential.


Start implementing these habits in your routine work and see the difference. You will achieve more than you used to. The tips mentioned in this article are tried, tested, and trusted.