In another cyber attack, data of 533 million Facebook users leaked online. Data included personal phone numbers, full names, birthdates, location, email address, and other details.

  • 32 Million US Records
  • 11 Million UK Records
  • 6 Million Indian Records

The rest includes data from other 106 countries. The data was posted for free on forums that are known to be of low-level. Any tech-savvy pro can get hands-on data.

Business Insider were one of the first to review and verify a sample of the leaked data with the known Facebook users. Business Insider also tested email addresses that were set to reset the password. Those emails can be used to get user's other details. This leaves all the people vulnerable. A quick reset of the password of the accounts is suggested.

Hackers and identity thieves can use the leaked data to impersonate anyone digitally for financial transactions. 


According to a researcher, Mark Zuckerberg's phone number also got leaked in the breach. A similar attack happened in 2019 when around 419 million Facebook records were leaked online. And, the infamous Cambridge Analytica leak exposed the data of 80 million users. That happened in 2016 due to a violation of Facebook's terms of service with political ads.

Last year, two other major hacks happened. Godaddy's 28,000 Accounts Hacked, and in September 2020, many Blue Tick Twitter accounts were compromised.

Just before the elections, US ex-president Donald Trump's Campaign Website was hacked.

There's nothing Facebook can do at this point to protect the users who got affected by the breach as the data is already on a public forum. As you are reading this, there might be a hacker playing hit and trial with that data.