What is GetPowerPay?

Don't get confused GetPowerPay with PowerPay.app. GetPowerPay is an online loan platform that gives users access to low-interest loans from lenders nationwide. Users can obtain small and large loans through the platform for various purposes, including home improvements, debt consolidation, medical expenses, and more.

GetPowerPay's platform allows users to compare different loan options side-by-side, allowing them to find the most suitable loan for their needs. PowerPay enables users to avoid costly fees associated with traditional loans, such as application fees, origination fees, and late payment fees.

GetPowerPay also provides users with tools to manage their loans and maintain financial stability. With its simple and straightforward application process, PowerPay helps users obtain the loan they need quickly and securely.

Client Requirements

Our client was already storing data on Vision Data Analyzer and other sources. Vision is a powerful and innovative data acquisition solution that does analysis, ECU calibration, and rapid prototyping.

Even before contacting Computan, all the loan-related data that our client was recording was saved on Vision, and our client is still using it for data storage and analysis.

The client wanted Computan integration experts to bring the data correctly in HubSpot so the marketers could use it to target their customers better. HubSpot marketing solutions, whether inbound or outbound, organic or paid, suffice multiple business types and processes and improve a company's overall marketing efforts.

Why GetPowerPay (Vision) HubSpot Integration Needed?

The initial task for Computan was to fetch all the data from Vision and other sources to HubSpot. About 40k-plus entries in Vision alone needed to be fetched along with data from other sources.

This integration aims to bring all the data under one roof and give marketers a robust platform like HubSpot to market their solutions better.

The major point of concern was to do proper mapping of data fields for successful integration. It is actually a no-brainer that proper data mapping is the core of any integration project.

The platform from where we are fetching the data must have a data field that will comply with the data field in HubSpot. One contact entry can have multiple data fields that must comply with HubSpot's data fields.

Once the Computan team figured out the data fields in both Vision and HubSpot, mapping of the old data began to take place.

The second step was to integrate the system for future data entries. So, the data would enter in Vision, and automatically it will be correctly uploaded to HubSpot.

For the second part, we prepared webhooks and middleware applications. Middleware application was built using Laravel PHP.

A middleware application was developed to convert the data fields into HubSpot-matching data fields. That's where the primary work for integration was being done.

The Major Challenge

The client had their developer managing the Vision platform for the company. And as mentioned earlier, data mapping is essential, and finding the right data field to map was challenging.

Their developer was changing the keys and values at the backend. He was unaware that Computan developers were using those keys to map the data fields. Due to this, Computan developers had to start fresh to locate the data field again every time the key got changed.

This went on for about 10 days until we realized that a major miscommunication was happening that we were not aware of. Finally, the developer understood the task and did not change the keys afterward, and we went ahead to a successful integration.


Customer data from multiple sources can easily and correctly go into HubSpot, and marketers can use HubSpot tools to manage their data and improve their marketing campaigns.

Computan Team Members Involved

Developers: Hassan Raza, Abdul Rehman Khan, Ghilman Khurshid

Team Lead: Sohail Khan