Develop an ideal strategy for customer service in digital marketing is paramount. Social networks are becoming an important tool of communication with customers. Several companies large or small prefer to hire a digital marketing team to handle their social platforms.


Customers are becoming more demanding every day and want to be assisted through the social media platforms they use the most. Conversations on social are also extremely public. This simple fact demonstrates transparency and customers do not hesitate to request information or make complaints through these media.  Look at the Twitter account of any big brand - you'll see as many responses to complaints or customer inquiries as you will marketing material.


You have to do customer service well on social more than on any other platform due to the permanentness and public-nature of the communication!  Take a look at the infographic below we've put together about the rise of customer service in the digital marketing world and which of your customers are likely to go digital for their next customer service inquiry!




Remember, technology is your ally in customer service.  Choosing a social CRM can really help you take care of your customers in social networks.  Most platforms themselves have native tools a customer service team can use to manage a team effectively.  They have labeling systems and can provide customers with data about your historical conversations with customers and others. 


Another key is to hire a marketing team and assign them the task of co-managing your reputation with you! They can help you stay on top of the various places your brand or name may be tarnished online.  A digital marketing support group can also crawl social channels for where your brand may be mentioned or showcased without your knowledge.  


What if a YouTube comedian walks into your restaurant and does a skit that millions of their viewers see. Wouldn't you want to know about it!? Of course you would, but unless you are tagged in the video (that's probably not going to happen) the only way to know about it is to leverage technology that you may not have....but a digital marketing support team that has experience with reputation management probably does.  Or they can at least acquire them if you make that one of their responsibilities.


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