Elementor is futuristic in its approach as it offered no code or minimum code culture for website building when it wasn't the talk of the town. We may have seen many website builders recently offering easy drag and drop options, but Elementor is way ahead of those solutions. An open-source website builder, Elementor was an early bird that evolved itself with time and gave the users what they were missing the most.

Web Developers and Clients are Happy with Elementor

The drag and drop option not only seems beneficial for our developers, but it is also pretty handy for our clients to make changes to the website on the go. They can add/remove/edit any section, text, or image from any page of the website. The power to edit the website gives clients control over their website, and they love it. It is rare to see a platform so robust that it keeps the developers happy and easy to use that it keeps even the non-developers happy.

Here’s why Muhammad Areeb, one of the Senior Software Engineers at Computan feels happy working on Elementor "Elementor lets me rescript site with live viewing, and it has advanced capabilities which are great for the long run, easily manageable, exceedingly fast as compared to other builders.” said Areeb. He also added “Making a website responsive is much more easy & user-friendly. For custom elements, they got pretty good documentation. To summarize, Elementor is the best WordPress builder for me!"

Elementor Offers Variety

Elementor offers variety in designing and building a single page to a complete theme, headers, footers, pop-ups, landing pages, animations, and effects. Imagine your website is getting designed exactly the way you want and that too using only dragging and dropping elements. Computan developers really have a ball of a time. They can see the output of what they are doing in real-time, get feedback and make changes accordingly. The web designing and development process get on the fast lane with Elementor.

Elementor has a fixed left sidebar that’s like a toolbox where you control the settings, style, elements, and much more. Add/remove or edit any element from the left sidebar only.

Hassan Hashmi, one of Computan's Senior, Full-stack WordPress developers, believes Elementor's strength is in its variety.  "I can create a template for each section of my web page and add it in the library to be used on other pages whenever needed.”  Said Hashmi, "It gives us the option to inline edit the code on the fly without even checking the preview of how it will look on the website at the front end." Hashmi also remarked at the vastness of Elementor's template library.  "Elementor gives us an API library to call any template saved in the Elementor templates library to be used in custom templates." Customizations for responsiveness are easy according to Hashmi also, "Developers can also create custom grids of the width of my choice, and that is also not disturbing the responsive layouts."

Our Love for Elementor Widgets

One of the primary concerns of WordPress websites is that sometimes the source of the plugins is not trustworthy, or the plugin developers abandon their product. Both scenarios make your WordPress website vulnerable to threats. To replace the unreliable plugins, Elementor has its own widgets gallery to accomplish some of your WordPress website's basic and pro features. So, you are sure of the source and longevity of the widgets. It also has widgets for eCommerce websites. Elementor promotes its widgets as one of the best WordPress plugins alternatives, and indeed it is for sure.

Ashok Kuikel, DevOps Engineer at Computan is a fan of Elementor widgets. He believesElementor is easy to use, offers drag and drop widgets which are compatible with any version of WP and almost 100% themes and plugins. Ashok also adds that “updating and upgrading Elementor is easy. You don't require any coding to create a custom header and footer section.”

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