Three weeks ago, PHP 8 was released. WordPress 5.5 was released on October 31, and we all know how that increased the file manager vulnerability. Also, it was released without jQuery Migrate, creating issues in many applications. WordPress 5.5 was supposed to be the second major release in the year 2020, but it wasn’t smooth.

Now, WordPress 5.6 “Simone” is here since December 8, and users have nothing to say but praise this release. The name Simone is dedicated to the legendary singer Nina Simone. The New WordPress 5.6 does support PHP 8 <- this is one of the new features. So all the glitches you were facing till now will be over. You can add the coolness of PHP 8 to WordPress 5.6. WordPress developers made a good decision to launch WordPress 5.6 after the launch of PHP 8. They came to know the issues coming with PHP 8, worked on them, and made the latest WordPress compatible with PHP 8. 

WordPress has a reputation with its updates, no kidding. The updates have worked in favor and against the brand’s image. Updates work in favor because there are so many updates and enhancements, and new features. And, they work against it because newer updates always break some stuff.

WordPress 5.6 Simone Features 

Default Twenty Twenty-One Theme sounds so much better than 2020

The newest in the lot is the theme of 2021, and I love it for a not very technical reason. Whenever we talk about 2020, the COVID pandemic pops up in the head so, any number below or above 2020 works for me. We welcome the default WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-One.

WordPress Twenty Twenty-One Theme


People from the fashion industry and web designers know that pastels are in trend, and WordPress just introduced a palette of pastels in the Twenty Twenty-One theme.

WordPress Theme Colors


You do have the option to choose your own color palette as well using the color picker.

Auto Updates

The procedure of updating WordPress to the latest version and the corresponding broken plugins is tiresome to date. Many plugins just stop working post the updates. If the updated version of the plugin is not available, you have to find another one to keep the website's related functions up and running.

The particular auto-update was much needed. Previously, only minor version updates were automatically updated. But now, the major updates as well are included in auto-updates. Similar to your Widows 10 auto-update feature, you have to turn it on. It is good that this feature comes with the on/off button because a few developers want to schedule it, so their work doesn't get hampered. You wouldn't want your WordPress updating the whole version and the plugins while you are in the middle of major work.

Application Passwords for REST API Authentication

Application password allows authentication via non-interactive systems, such as XML-RPC or the REST API, without providing the actual password. These Application Passwords can be easily revoked and cannot be used for log in to your website.

Application passwords are used to provide access to a few areas of your website to external sources without giving away the password. The access keys generally look like this: aiju HDUS 8403 jsct POAU 2499.

Application Password WordPresssource

Performance and Accessibility Improvements

Your editing experience will be improved with WordPress 5.6 because many versions of the Gutenberg plugin have been included in the core 5.6 update. You will notice the improvements in the block patterns, keyboard navigation, info panel, drag and drop UI, and much more.

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